Forms of Data

Forms of Data

Corporation Associates helps you by managing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Characteristics of Data

Characteristics of Data

Corporation Associates helps you with the volume, variety, velocity, and the variability of your data.

Mining and Reporting

Mining and Reporting

Corporation Associates defines queries which are used to plot data onto custom charts and graphs for you to undertand your data.

Data And The Value To Your Organization

Sales Data Helps Guide Your Business Decisions

Data is created through your business from many sources. Your sales records create valuable data. Sales records occur from an office environment such as phone sales. Retail businesses create retail transactional sales data. Online commerce creates online sales data. A business that sells through all three channels will have sales data that the executive managers will want to see as combined sales history as well as source sales history. This is where the power of a database along with a data analytics software comes into play.

What Question Are You Looking To Answer

Every Business Has A Use For Their Historical Records

As you create business records, simply storing the data does not produce usable reports without some sort of processing. Before you can create reports, you must start with what are you looking for. Your needs determine what you will look for. Some examples are the use of medical records to trend illness classifications. Other business managers are going to look for fraud. A manufacturing business is going to look to be lean, purchasing only the materials that they need while reducing idle time. An e-commerce store will look at what items are their best sellers by season, along with what other items people purchase to compliment the primary purchased item.

How We Can Help Your Business

A Database With A BI or Mining Tool Will Help Your Future Profits

What tools do you have in place? Are you looking to automate your data reporting? Corporation Associates can help you implement the tools to drive your business decisions. Imagine the power of a visual report illustrating your sales for products year over year. How about insight into your service offerings so that you can forecast which groups of your business will be profitable while which will see a decline. Do you manufacture product? How are you controlling cost today? With powerful software in place your reports will identify areas of high cost so that you can streamline process to reduce expense.

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